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Padded Seat Cover with Back
Padded Seat Cover with BackFor easy, relaxing paddling, the back rest provides wonderful support while you are sitting on a thick 1″ cushion of closed cell foam. Easy to install, the seat cover attaches to the seat, and the back rest attaches to the grommets. Sit back and enjoy!
#pst1 $42.00 Qty: 

Padded Mesh Seat Cover
Padded Mesh Seat CoverThis is a durable seat cover that will provide great comfort during long hours of paddling. The rugged mesh pocket encloses the standard wood seat, and there is 1″ of closed cell foam padding to keep the tush comfy!
#csc1 $15.00/ea. Qty: 

EZ Wider Mesh Cushion with Removable Back Rest NEW!
EZ Wider Mesh Cushion with Removable Back RestThe new EZ Wider Mesh Cushion slides right over the EZ Wide seat, and offers great comfort with it’s 1″ high density closed cell foam pad. A removable back rest provides excellent upper and lower back support for all day paddling comfort.
#ezback $60.00/ea.

Padded Seat Cover with Back Support for Canyon and Pro Pioneer
Padded Seat Cover with Back Support for Canyon and Pro PioneerThe ultimate in comfort for the 2 big models. One inch of comfortable, closed cell ensolite foam provides a good cushion for the long days sitting on the seat. A removable back support allows you to paddle with complete ease and comfort.
#pps1 $60.00/ea.

Extra Seat
Extra SeatAll SOAR canoes are delivered with 2 of these seats, but an S16 can easily hold 4 adults, and the S14 3 adults. So if you need extra seats, here they are! Made of urethane coated 9 ply Baltic birch, the seats are rugged and long lasting. Includes seat straps.
#sea1 $36.00/ea. Qty: 

EZ Wider Seat NEW!
Extra SeatWe’ve added 2 inches to the depth of our standard seat sizeand now offer you the EZ Wider Seat. A little more space for your butt never hurts, and that’s what we’ve given you. This optional seat will fit on the S12, S14 and S16 models, and uses the same grommet placement and seat straps as our standard seat.
#ezsea $46.00/ea. Qty: 

Extra Seat for Canyon and Pro Pioneer
Extra Seat for Canyon and Pro PioneerThe Canyon and Pro Pioneer are delivered with 2 of these seats, but can hold an extra adult or two. So if you need extra seats, here they are! Made of urethane coated 9 ply Baltic birch, the seats are rugged and long lasting. Includes seat straps.
#sea2 $56.00/ea. Qty: 

SOAR Duffel
SOAR DuffelThe best protection you can give your SOAR. Store your SOAR and gear in our tough duffel designed for people on the go. Built of 1000 denier, 18 oz pvc coated nylon, it will be protected from the abuses of delivery drivers, airport personnel, Sherpas and horse back. Easy to carry with your choice of over-the-shoulder straps or comfortable handles at each end and equipped with locking zippers for secure airline travel, the duffel makes international travel a breeze. Both sizes allow extra room for life jackets, a pump and breakdown paddles.
Duf1 48 x 18 fits models S12 – S16
#duf1 $75.00 Qty: 

SOAR 5-Piece Breakdown Paddle Set
5-Piece Breakdown Paddle SetNothing but raves on the quality and versatility of our 5 piece paddle set. Enjoy either 2 two-piece breakdown canoe paddles (60″) or 1 three-piece breakdown kayak paddle (7.6′). When completely broken down, the set can be rolled inside your SOAR or carried in a duffle for easy transport. the paddles have accompanied many adventurers who need a good collapsible paddle combo. We offer a good savings when purchased as a set.
#pad2 $170.00 Qty: 

SOAR 2-Piece Breakdown Canoe Paddle
2-Piece Breakdown Canoe PaddleWeighing less than 2 lbs, and 60 inches in length, the paddle’s construction features a light cored blade built of specially selected and processed ponderosa pine that is reinforced with Sawyer’s legendary fiberglass and solid fiberglass tip. The lightweight blade reduces ‘swing weight’ and is much appreciated on the long paddling days. The douglas fir shaft is well balanced, and features long wearing, expedition proven, stainless steel ferrules for trouble free breakdown. A great feeling T-grip tops the paddle.
#pad1 $78.00 Qty: 

EZ Pump
EZ PumpThe EZ Pump is ideal for expeditions, because the pump takes up so little room, has good volume so topping off in the morning is fast and easy, and virtually unbreakable. Special features a webbing “crown” which holds the plunger in place when not in use. A urethane coated bag is included. Pump size: 24″ x 3″
#ezp $75.00 Qty: 

Hi Pressure 12 Volt Pump
Thigh Strap Kit

After years of selling the venerable LVM 12v pump, we have found a suitable replacement for about half the price!  This 12 Volt Hi Pressure Air Pump can inflate your tubes to just under correct operating pressure.  A few quick strokes with a top off pump, and you and your SOAR can be ready to hit the water in under 5 minutes!. Hook it up to your car or truck  battery with the alligator clips connected to a 10 foot power cord.  Volume: 410 liters/min. Draws 28 amps. Inflates and Deflates.
#ahd1 $60.00 Qty: 

12 Volt Rechargable Pump
Thigh Strap Kit

This small, lightweight, hand held pump has become our favorite! The pump can be re-charged via 12 volt or 110 adaptors that are included. Each pump holds a charge that will inflate 5 S14s! Most tubes will be inflated in 30 seconds or less, and then a quick top off is required with a hand pump. Perfect for day trips or expeditions, this pump can tuck into a small corner of a dry bag when not in use.
#txs $35.00 Qty: 

Rowing Frame and Oars
Rowing Frame and OarsPower a SOAR with oars. It’s a great way to move around the lake or river while you’re fishing, and it’s great exercise, too! Experience more power and control. A solo rower can easily keep pace with two paddler, and retain all the maneuverability of your SOAR. Our rowing frame weighs just 8 lbs and sets up in less than 5 minutes. The 8 ft breakdown oars have aluminum shafts and a flat blade for top performance. At less than 5 lbs per oar, they are lightweight and very durable. We use quality aluminum and stainless steel hardware. Can fit all SOARs built since 1993.
#spc1 $349.00 Qty: 

Row Saddle
A revamped design makes the NEW Row Saddle ideal for rowing a SOAR Canoe without using a complete rowing frame. The Row Saddle, weighs 10 lbs including the Mini Cobra oar Locks, folds flat for easy carrying and storage, and it fits all sizes of tubes, from the 12″ to 26″ diameter. Excellent for both back country and whitewater river running, the Row Saddle is built for rugged use.Each Saddle attaches securely to each tube via 4 d-rings that are glued to each tube. Once in place, row as you normally would.The price includes a pair or Row Saddles, teflon oarlock bushings, 8 cinch straps, and a storage bag. Not included: 8 stainelss d-rings, installation of d-rings or installation kit, and oars.
#row1 $395.00 Qty: 

Sawyer SST Breakdown Oars
Sawyer’s top of the line compsite oars with easy locking mechanism. 7 foot oars recommended for S12 – S16. 8 foot recommended for the Canyon and Pro Pioneer. Please specify which model of SOAR you have.
#oar3 $200.00 / pr Qty: 

Motor Mount
Motor MountSOAR’s new motor mount is a wonderful upgrade from our previous version. Made of tail pipe, the motor mount is a free standing unit, meaning it does not clamp or hook onto the SOAR canoe. The SOAR canoe inflates around the motor mount, providing excellent rigidity to the full length of the hull. No floor board is needed. Installation takes 5 minutes. The motor mount weighs 30 lbs and breaks down into a very small carrying case. We recommend any short shaft gas motor up to 5 hp. Fits only the S12, S14 and S16 models. Motor mounts for the Canyon and Pro Pioneer are also available. When ordering, please let us know if you intend to use the motor mount w/ either of these two models.
#mmk1 $349.00 Qty: 

Expedition Patch Kit
Expedition Patch KitThe expedition patch kit is a must for anyone venturing into a wilderness area. The kit includes 1 piece of hypalon 6″ x 48″, 1 piece of neoprene 6″ x 48″, a spare valve for the air intake and pressure release, wrenches, glue and solvent. The case in the picture is not included.
#pkt2 $75.00 Qty: 

UV Tech ProtectantUV-Tech is the most powerful UV-screening protection ever developed. It will protect your SOAR from harmful UV rays, and maintains the integrity and tear strength of nylon base fabric and rubber compounds. It is a water-based protectant that will keep your SOAR looking like new for many years.
#tot8 $8.50 Qty: 

SOAR Inflatables, Inc. reserves the right to modify specifications, prices, and terms without notice.