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Bloodvein river rendez-vous

Hi Larry,

I just got back from the Bloodvien River in Ontario. I would have liked to have tested the my Pro Pioneer before the trip, but time wouldn’t allow it. I have got to say, “Holy Cow! what a wonderful boat!” My personal comfort level grew immediately after the first rapid, and we took a couple class 5s before the end of the trip. You have a fantastic product and we are truly amazed at how stable it is and how easily it maneuvers.
The 2 young guys with us were calling us “the short bus” the whole trip, but we certainly caused some envy on their part, because we only portaged once the entire week (they portaged about 15 times). As it turned out, we could have run that rapid without any problem, and we lined 3 times around some really nasty holes. I found that it lines much better than a canoe and was fully loaded every time we lined and ran rapids, and it actually handled better loaded! The SOAR and row saddles performed flawlessly!

Thanks for answering all my questions and helping to expedite shipping for the oars, locks and patch kit at the last minute. You folks have wonderful customer service. (As it turned out, the patch kit was a comfort thing as well, this boat is insanely tough!) Thanks for an excellent whitewater boat!

Best regards,
Bob Schreiber