Inflatable Canoes


SOAR introduced the Inflatable Canoe to the US market in 1993, which have since become one of the finest, most versatile and sought-after watercraft in the world. What makes them special is that they can be paddled w/ a canoe or kayak paddle, rowed w/ oars, and optionally propelled by motor or sail. For a paddler with a bit of skill, you will find that a SOAR canoe loaded to full capacity can be easily maneuvered through technical whitewater.

SOAR’s unique hull design allows a paddler to sit up on a seat or kneeling w/ their butt against the seat, so that they are no longer sitting on the floor in cold water w/ their legs out in front as most paddlers in inflatable kayaks experience. The inflatable kayak paddler’s body takes up so much interior space that there is little room for gear. The design of the I-beam floor allows you a higher load capacity than any other small inflatable. Extended trips with plenty of comfortable gear is easy!

Built of rugged hypalon and neoprene, SOAR canoes have been taken on some of the most remote rivers from canyon rivers in the US West to fly-in rivers in Alaska, NW Territorities and the Yukon to horse-backed in the Amazon, and jeeped-topped in Mongolia. SOARs can be trusted to withstand even the most rugged use.

The ingenious grommet strip that runs along the length of each tube allows gear to be easily and securely lashed, and seats to be moved around for best weight distribution. The grommet strip can also be used to attach certain accessories. You will love how user-friendly a SOAR is.

Families enjoy SOARs because they are stable, versatile, and easy to use. Even the easiest rivers are fun and safe in SOAR canoes.

Fish, hunt, scuba dive: SOARs excel at all of these!




TUBE DIAMETER,12″,12″,12″,12″,14″

FLOOR THICKNESS,4″,4″,4″,4″,5″

AIR CHAMBERS,3,3,3,3,3

No. of PERSONS,1* – 2,1 – 3,1 – 3,1 – 4,1 – 3

LOAD CAPACITY,400 lbs,750 lbs,875 lbs,1000 lbs,1500 lbs

CARGO CAPACITY,9+ cu ft, 12+ cu ft,15+ cu ft,17+ cu ft,21+ cu ft

WEIGHT,44 lbs,52 lbs,62 lbs,78 lbs,85 lbs

ROLLED SIZE,14″ x 10″ x 40″,15″ x 11″ x 40″,16″ x 11″ x 40″,18″ x 12″ x 40″,22″ x 13″ x  45″


WARRANTY,5 Years,5 Years,5 Years,5 Years,5 Years


MATERIAL: Tube and top of floor: 840 denier nylon coated with 30 oz Hypalon.
Bottom of floor: 840 denier nylon coated with 36 oz neoprene.

INCLUDED: All SOARs are delivered with 2 seats*, compression straps and
a basic patch kit.
*The SQUIRT (S10) comes with 1 seat.