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Dave Payer Lives North and Paddles South

I am sending you a bunch of photos from several trips.

In August 2005 I spent two weeks travelling 150 miles on a couple of local Wild and Scenic Rivers: Birch Creek in Interior Alaska, and Delta River in the Alaska Range. I was travelling with 2 friends who hadn’t paddled in years and had limited whitewater experience. Neither of these rivers is particularly difficult, but both are remote and include fast current, sharp bends, Class II and III rapids, sweepers, and strainers. I paddled my Old Town canoe and set my friends up in my fully loaded S16. I was worried that they might get into trouble with the obstacles, but my fears were unfounded. “Eddy” (my SOAR) was exceedingly forgiving, never coming close to capsizing or getting pinned despite being swept against sweepers and pinballing through boulders. By the end of the trip my friends had caught on and were paddling with confidence. Another successful adventure!

I am also including some photos of our trip to the San Juan River last fall. in southeastern Utah, as well as a photo on the Sheenjak. Our SOAR 16 continues to perform admirably.

David Payer
USFWS, ANWR, Fairbanks AK