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Scouts on the San Juan River

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Our Scout troop had a great trip on the San Juan river last week. The SOAR 16 canoes performed beyond my expectations in every way. They are very stable compared to hard shell canoes, and maneuver extremely well. In the rapids they performed better loaded down with people and gear than when we went back through the big ones with just people.

Our first pass down Government Rapid, a Class III with a big hole, everyone went through (5 canoes) without any upsets. It was so much fun we decided to unload two canoes, portage back to get above the rapid, and run it again several times. We had a few spills, but it was a lot of fun. I cannot say enough good about the SOAR canoes. I am very happy with the investment I made.

At the end of this month I will be running the Weber River in the mountains east of Ogden, Utah. Next summer we are planning on the Green River, Desolation canyon and Gray Canyon. 75 miles with ~50 rapids!!!

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