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Cape Cod Yacht Tender


Greetings Larry:

After completing a ten-day cruise with visits to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Cutty Hunk, Newport (RI) and other points, I wanted to let you know how well my SOAR 14 worked as a tender to my thirty-foot sail boat, an Olson 911 S. For part of this trip the SOAR was stowed in its bag lashed to the cabin top. I was able to inflate it in the cockpit and launch it without much trouble. For the rest of the trip we towed the SOAR both under power and sail. It towed well. As it weighs less than other typical tenders it likely caused less speed reduction.

Carrying three crew members plus gear back and forth to shore the SOAR was solid and stable. I much prefer the simplicity of paddling to fussing with an outboard motor and fuel. Finding a tie-up spot at a at a crowded dinghy dock was easier due to the SOAR’s slender shape. After a day of sailing we had fun exploring the harbor in the SOAR.

Thanks for producing a sturdy and useful craft. I’m glad I found the SOAR instead of buying a run-of-the-mill inflatable yacht-tender.

Best Regards,

Photo credits: Ann Cathcart