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Cerutti in the Yukon

We were introduced to the wonderful SOAR canoes in 1999 when we met Frank James on the Noatak River in the Brooks Range, Alaska. The next year he lent us his SOAR 16 to paddle on Beaver Creek, north of Fairbanks. In 2001, we purchased our first SOAR and travelled down the Alatna River in the Brooks Range : We dragged our SOAR over (and into) rocks as water level was really low at the start and we where amazed with the strength of these boats. We were also glad to have a canoe that floats on both sides as we managed to capsize. Believe us, it requires great skill to flip a SOAR as these canoes are really stable and hard to tip over!! 😉 In 2002, we became outfitters and moved from Europe to Faro, Yukon, a little village well situated along the Pelly River, not too far from the South Macmillian River and the Ross River, not to mention the mighty Yukon River. From this place of endless beauty, we offer guided tours and rentals of both SOAR and traditional hard shell canoes. If you enjoy both hiking and canoeing, Faro is the place : the Dena Cho trail is a 3 -4 day hike (40-50 miles) from Faro to Ross River offering exceptional scenery and breathtaking views. Then you can return to Faro by canoe (SOAR or hard shell) on the Pelly River in 2 – 3 days. We have a cozy and comfy bed and breakfast in Faro, and for those seeking true solitude we offer a wilderness cabin for rent that is 200 kms from the closest town. Please come for a visit in this wilderness paradise. Thanks for a great boat! Michel Cerutti & Yasmine Djabri.

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