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SOAR’s for Research

Hi Larry,

I attached a few photos – they aren’t the best action shots but I figured you might have fun seeing them anyway. The photos are taken by a Swedish colleague, Svante Bjorck, at Lund University during a coreing expedition (for climatological research) we made to the island of Grenada (Caribbean) in March 2002. They show us setting up our 2 S12’s with the lashing bar system on the shores of Grand Etang (a crater lake) in the middle of the island. While we were doing so, a group of school kids arrived and needless to say they thought we were a spectacle. The “abstract” photo was taken while standing on our research craft, taking a core sample. You can see a sediment core which is a series of layers that document the lake’s history – sitting on the tube of our SOAR rig.

I want you to know that I have taken our SOAR’s for research in Africa and South America. The whole system is easy to ship, easy to put together, and is a nice stable platform. Our department is now ready to purchase a 2nd set of S12s for more field work in other countries.

Sheri Fritz, University of Nebraska – Lincoln